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Care & FAQ

Instruction & Care

Beeswax & Cotton Food Wraps are simple to use and with proper care will last approximately one year. Best of all they’re 100% compostable.

The warmth of your hands will mold the wrap around your food or container and the cool of the fridge will seal it in place.
Do not use on raw meat. Keep away from heat sources.

To wash, simply rinse under cool water or wipe with a damp cloth. Use a mild alcohol free soap if necessary and hang or towel dry.

Store either flat or rolled for longer life. Creases and staining will occur, this is normal and not a sign of defect.

If your wrap has reached the end of its usability simply cut in to small strips and add to your compost.


What are shipping charges?
Shipping within Canada is flat rate $5.00 Contact us for an international shipping quote.

What currency do do you operate in?
We are proudly Canadian and operate in Canada, therefore we use CND dollars and will NEVER invoice you in USD.

What are your food wraps made out of?
Beeswax & Cotton Food Wraps are made from 100% organic cotton GTOS Certified and organic beeswax sourced from apiaries local to us.

Will my wrap retain the smell of food, like an onion?

They will not.  Your Beeswax & Cotton Food Wrap will not smell like anything that has been wrapped in it.

A wrap in my package is slightly larger than the others, how come?
We are so glad you asked! This is not unusual. When we get to the end of our fabric if there’s no reason to cut it, we don’t. An advertised size is not a good enough reason to create waste for us. Your wraps will never be smaller than advertised but occasionally they might be bigger.

Will you make custom sizes?
We will! Simply contact us with your request and upon approval, with payment we will make you a custom size.